One of the best things about 6IX MMA is Danny's teaching. He creates an environment where people can simultaneously work hard; learn the right way to do things for their skills, abilities, and body type; and most importantly have fun. The gym's strict ``no-a**hole`` policy means that the environment is safe and sane, and that team members work together to get better. Sure, you'll be challenged -- but you'll also be respected, taken
care of, and included, regardless of whether you're a beginner or a pro. -

-Krista Scott-Dixon, Director of Education -  Precision Nutrition

"Danny is the man.  He cornered me for my pro title fight in trinidad. each round expert advice was given and i ended up with the win! from jiu jitsu to striking, danny beauclerc is the man.  he is a very technical coach and knows his stuff!!

- Bruce Lutchmedial, CUFF Pro Lightweight Champion

"He's not just the best MMA Coach, he's the best teacher I've ever had, period".

- Edward Newton

"I've trained at many gyms in the GTA, and Danny Beauclerc is without a doubt the most well-rounded, TRUE MMA Coach I've ever come across".

- Mike Brusseau

"Coach Danny is the best! He's knowledgeable, patient, encouraging...everything you look for in an Instructor".

- Susan Mok

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